by Jake Kitty

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This is my fourth LP. I was really cold when I wrote it.

recorded from October 2014 to January 2015


released January 18, 2015

jake kitty - music
jordyn lyric - vocal (6) & (9)
dan jordan - art; production & vocal (6)

musicians I took influence off of for the album include:
Ryan Adams
American Football
Animal Collective
The Beach Boys
Bright Eyes
Bob Dylan
Circa Survive
Fleet Foxes
Giles Corey
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Have A Nice Life
Iron & Wine
Marks Pound
The Mars Volta
Modest Mouse
My Bloody Valentine
Neutral Milk Hotel
Norah Jones
The Olivia Tremor Control
The Postal Service
Red House Painters
Simon & Garfunkel
Sun Kil Moon
Tame Impala
The World Is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die
Van Morrison



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Track Name: Your Name is My Birth Month
I wanna hold you.
Your will against me.
You never told me.
Suicide Machine.
Track Name: I Don't Know Who You Are
I just want to love you I start to feel alright.
I make music we can listen to during the night.
And I know that I'm sub par, and I don't wanna travel far, I just wanna know who you are.

Losing focus on everything else in my mind.
Broken bodies helping me cus you're the one I'll find.
And I know I'm not the best, come to me and I'll be blessed, still I have a heart inside my chest.

Life is blurring, losing sense of reality.
That won't matter cus you're the only thing that I need.
And I know that I'm sub par, and I don't wanna travel far, I just wanna know who you are.
Track Name: Communications and Alienations
I'm tired, but I don't mean like fall asleep, I mean like a fire in the deep. I'm not having fun anymore.
I hear voice, but I can't understand. This life I live is bland and bore.
What are you trying to say?

I'm not plain, but I might be insane. This world is placid, burn my thoughts with acid.
I might be okay, but if my thoughts will stray, they clean back with the sound of your voice.
What are you trying to say?
Track Name: Floating Through Space as One (We are Illiterate &, Lucid is a Thing of the Past)
I wanna fill myself with water, and as the waves come to eyes.
I slowly lose my breath, but to you its no surprise.
And everything I thought about, will turn up in the end.
The ripples in the water, will slowly start to mend.
So come up short tomorrow, and I hold you in my arm.
You look like your in heaven, and I hope Ill do no harm.

Drink until your blind and you'll find, as my organs start to fail, my soul will prevail.

I wanna fill myself with fire, and as the flames rise to my nose.
I'll see the world flash all before me, but that just how it goes.
With a lifetime filled with power, and ill live an other day.
Before my life was bland and boring, but now I know just what to say.
And everyone who looks at me, will think that I'm a joke.
But listen to my love affair, and fill me with your smoke.
And listen to my body, which makes all my mistakes.
I'll hold you for a while, a love affair that breaks.
And kiss me till tomorrow, cus in the morning ill be gone.
And soon we’ll float away, and the black will turn to dawn.
Track Name: Noise Machine
My body is a prison
From one that I'll never escape
I'll sit back look at the walls
Your mind is a beautiful shape
And all of the places I visit
My thoughts will stay the same
The people I love or something there of
I think that I'm going insane
And all of the lovers that came through
It's nice to know women exist
And all of the noise that you bring to me
Asking a siren to clench on her fist
Track Name: Be Still
I don't love, and I don't think I will.
But let me hold you, close your eyes and be still.
And if I kiss you, and I think I might.
Promise me that you'll stay for the rest of the night.

Are you really that desperate for love.
And when you turn to your God up above.
You think of her and feel so blessed.
But when she asks you to turn when she gets undressed.
You ask why you've been forsaken like a horrible dream from which you will never awaken.
She loves you so much, but as a good friend.
And I just want this awfulness to end.
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Live Outside
She’s a lover of mine but she’ll never love no one again.
And everyone knows when things don’t go as how you intend.
I don’t wanna die but I feel like death.
Cus every time she’s away she takes my breath.
A low key like nod.
And when she’s around she mops the floor with me my God.
So I could just sit here and talk it out with a friend.
And let you ascend; aah.
Sit with you, hold your clammy hands and to pretend.
That the way that you think won’t keep us from making it mend, from making it mend.
I don’t see how you go on your life living like this.
Someone I see you it’s not over cus I miss.
Selling a second for someone to give me a kiss.
Giving it up in a second and taking a piss, pissing your life away.
Tell me that someone you know is out looking my way.
In a second I know what you want me to say.
Giving it up is fun loving is any way.
I am an open book read me as if you may, like any other day.

I'm tired of sitting in silence and letting you go.
But if you were frigid I hope that you would let me know.
And if you've ever been out in the cold like the way I've been.
Instead of letting you freeze outside, I'd let you in.