Oh, My City

by Jake Kitty

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During the end of my Senior year of High School, I was put in a position where my only two choices for college became a- moving to and going to school at a Temple University satellite school, where after one year I would automatically be enrolled in Temple's main campus in North Philadelphia, or b- go to Bucks County Community College. I really wanted to get out of the house, get a new start, and be in an environment than the one I was in, and decided that anywhere was better than here. August 19th came and I moved into a youth hostile several blocks from my school. Temple Harrisburg was a small school, only having 15 Freshman, none of whom stuck out as people who I could really make friends with. I spent most of my free time in my room, on my phone or watching tv or on the computer. I was constantly bored. Nothing really ever caught my interest. I would stare at the walls when my other distractions stopped working and think about how I got to where I was. I didn't have much money, seeing how I didn't have a job at the time, but I would sometimes take the Capitol Area Transit (CAT) bus to one of the two Sheetz' outside the city. Sheetz was really fulfilling I have to admit. After some time there I decided to take the Greyhound bus either home, or to Millersville University (which is about an hour West of Harrisburg) to get out of the city. The trip was always very taxing. Uncomfortable seats, a usually dirty bus, delays, traffic jams, on two separate occasions we had to pull over on the side of the turnpike, once to tend to a drunk, vomiting, man with a seizure condition, and once because of mechanical failure. After three or so months I began to strongly consider dropping out. I made a pros and cons list, applied to other schools, and kept thinking that getting to go to Temple Main campus, my "dream school", might not be worth all of the shit I was putting myself through. I finally made the decision to leave when I was on an exceptionally long bus ride back to the shitty city itself. I was considering getting a job in Bucks County, and going back and forth between home and school. I figured that working 3 days a week, school 3 days a week in quite possibly the dirtiest, smelliest most boring and most terribly city in the entire Western Hemisphere, and a hellish commute in between would sure strip me of any kind of happiness, and had the though "well maybe I don't need to be happy". That was it, I had to be done. I was not willing to sacrifice my happiness any further. I was done. I called both my parents and nearly cried when I made this decision, but I was done. Three more weeks of this shit and I'd be gone.
I wrote 14 songs while I was there and really poured a lot into them.

Sheetz for prez.


released June 4, 2016

Jake Kitty- voice, guitars, computer, album art

Dan Jordan- production, equipment

Ian Mitchell- some guitar on (13)

Track 12 samples I Pledge Allegiance to the Sheetz by Rozwell Die, and a Sheetz commercial


My parent's house in Bucks County

The recording facilities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia

My studio apartment in Harrisburg



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